Batch 2019-2020

I graduated from GEMS Millennium School, Sharjah in the year 2019. It was around August when I joined my medical school, the thought of leaving school and home and starting fresh which was out of my comfort zone was pretty overwhelming in the beginning but my university, St. George’s university did grow on me and made me a part of it the very minute I joined. It is located on the beautiful islands of west indies, Grenada. There weren’t many social groups I was aware of back then so I pretty much concentrated on my studies, achieving a place on dean’s list which in a way is a merit’s list. It isn’t a very difficult journey as we often predict and get scared. Yes, moving away from your family is difficult but it in itself is an experience which makes you grow as an independent individual. My experiences from school are so different from what I go through in med school, but school did teach me how to not give up no matter how hard it gets and that’s one thing I follow meticulously.  

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