Welcome to GEMS Millennium School - Sharjah


Opened in 2010, GEMS Millennium Sharjah complements a high standard of academic excellence with a colourful programme of extra-curricular activities to ensure that we nurture well-rounded personalities with the skills they need to excel in the world they will inherit. GMS is a school that our students love to visit each day, a place where they can gain in stature, confidence and academic ability from a very young age.


A Culture of Excellence

From the Principal

Ms.Lini Shivaprasad
I warmly welcome you to the GEMS Millennium School, Sharjah website. We have the proud distinction of being a CBSE school that provides a wonderfully vibrant learning environment that is hands-on, engaging, and fun. The school is filled with inspiring learning centres where students are encouraged to imagine and build, engineer and design, model and create...


Hear What Our Parents Have To Say

  • It was really wonderful to step into the familiar campus and be warmly welcomed by the friendly staff at GMS.  Standing there, we could totally understand why Jayanth consistently insisted on getting back to GMS, his home ground. Looking at how much the school has grown and matured ever since you took over the helm, we are sure that Jayanth would love his school more than earlier times. We couldn’t wait for the new school year to begin, to resume our association with GMS.

    Ramganesh Srinivasan

    Father of Jayanth Ramganesh, Jyotsna Ramganesh

  • We are immensely grateful to GMS for the training and guidance given to Athmaja all these years. 8 years of her academic life in our GMS had been a wonderful experience.
    We thank you ma’am for the support given to Athmaja. We thank Vinitha ma’am, Nirmala ma’am and SLT. All the teachers of the school have worked so very hard to ensure the success of every student. Anu ma’am has been a wonderfully sweet spirit and the underlying strength of our school. 

    Bijo G Puthenveedan

    Father of Athmaja Kavio

  • My son, Venkatesh Balaji, is studying in class 10  B1. I want to thank all his teachers for encouraging and motivating him.
    I came for the open house and was very encouraged by the teachers' remarks.
    I want to give special thanks to Vijula madam, his French teacher. 

    Dr Sudha Balaji

    Mother of Venkatesh Balaji, Grade 10

  • Teachers are a blessing to students, a profession that receives much respect. A good teacher can identify the strength and weakness of their students and you are the best teacher I have ever seen. You have always boosted her strengths and supported in the areas where she needs improvement. As a parent, I  always received the timely comments and feedback about her performance which helped me to bring out the best in her.

    Jonesh Joseph

    Father of Nileena, KG

  • First of all, we would like to congratulate you for the great achievements and advancements the school has achieved under your successful leadership, especially this year's grade X and XII results.
    We are grateful to you, as our daughter MEENAKSHI JAYAKUMAR was also benefited by the progress achieved by you and your team. Even though we had to leave the school temporarily, our experience with GEMS Millennium will always remain as the best.


    Father of Meenakshi Jayakumar & Kalyani Jayakumar

  • We would really appreciate for her extended support and would definitely feel she portrays true GEMS Millennium School Vision by creating a happy and inspiring learning environment that helps all students to realize their full potential, succeed in their chosen field and make valuable contributions to the community.


    Father of Meher, KG