Student Care and Support

Personal, Social, Educational and Career Guidance and Counselling The Counselling and Guidance Centre of the school is an active support service unit that aims at helping students move from confusion to clarity, diffidence to confidence and fear to courage. In the objective of enabling our students to becoming independent thinkers, emotionally balanced and socially responsible individuals, various services and activities are conducted throughout the year.

Students have the freedom to meet with the Counsellor to express their concerns. Expert Talks, Seminars and Workshops are organized to help them sail through the adolescent years and face the challenges that come with it. Group counselling sessions also enable the students to discuss their common problems as a class. Through these open discussions, students realize that they are not the only ones facing those challenges, thus encouraging them to support one another. Parental Counselling is also made available for parents who seek guidance in dealing with their wards and their academic performance.

Career Guidance and learning support form an integral part of our counselling services. Career information is disseminated through Career Seminars, posting information on the bulletin board, and individual and group career counselling sessions.

SEND Support Centre The Student Support Centre works closely with students, teachers and parents on issues related to identifying and assessing students with emotional and learning difficulties. The Special Educators support the ‘Determined Ones’ with Individual Education Plans and Classroom Accommodations. These students are provided with individual sessions to improve their academic and social well- being.