Divya Thawani

Batch 2019-2020

My name is Divya Thawani and I am a Bsc Psychology student currently studying at University Of Leicester ( United Kingdom ) I have had an amazing first year at my university. My school has played a major role in how I got into my Dream University, I had decided to go in this university ever since I was in 12th and they had a set percentage which was needed to get into the college. I had spoken to my teachers about this and they made me believe in myself and gave me the confidence that I could get into this university. If they didn’t believe in me today I wouldn’t have been in this University. Along with excelling in my academics I also love to involve myself societies. . We have the confidence to organize as I learnt it by organizing many events throughout the past years. I am currently the Wellbeing and Inclusion Ambassador of Hindu society. The leadership qualities I have learnt while I was at school are all helping me a lot at University. I am looking forward to the upcoming years and the opportunities that these years will provide me with!

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