Our Team

Our greatest strength lies in our inspiring faculty to whom caring comes naturally, and going "above and beyond" is the norm.

Our faculty members have studied at top universities, and bring with them a wealth of experience, global perspectives, and a deep desire to innovate. 82% of our faculty have advanced degrees. All our teachers have degrees in education, with all the required Ministry approvals.

In addition to academic disciplines, teachers are organized into collaborative teams that meet weekly to share instructional best practices, discuss ways to integrate the curriculum and ensure that each student is challenged and supported to reach his or her potential. In addition to marks and grades, students receive individualized teacher feedback on assignments and notebook work, and personalized targets with clear strategies for improvement.

At GMS, the teacher’s role extends to all aspects of school life. The student – teacher ratio is maintained at 16:1. Teachers are available to meet with students for one-on-one sessions during the school day and during the afternoon enrichment sessions. They guide student groups, supervise clubs and activities, coach sports teams and lead on field trips and excursion school.