Pastoral Care

“With ordinary talent and extra ordinary perseverance all things are attainable”


House Captains:Yuva Sagar & Mihika Manoj

House Lead Teacher: Jeyshankar Vijeyakumar 

Motto : Veritas Vos Liberabit-truth liberates


The Autumn House is driven by the motto Veritas Vos Liberabit-truth liberates. It has excelled in the year’s performances, and seized each opportunity to prove its skills.
The Year 2019-2020 proved truly remarkable for the Autumn House. The House members exhibit passion, dedication and perfection. They made all the Sports Tournaments highly competitive and fun.
The trust and co-operation among team members made the team more confident to tackle high pressure games like the Senior Football matches in which they made a remarkable come back from the verge of losing to gaining a remarkable lead.

The Sports Day brings out the best in every House as the athletes engage with their tough competitors.

Our athletes also demonstrated their exceptional talent and were much appreciated for their performances during the Sports Day. Our boys made us proud in Football and Chess (Category Grades 9-12) while the girls excelled in the Table Tennis Singles and Doubles (Category Grades 9-12) and Football (Category Grades 9-12)
Autumn House symbolizes sacrifice, love and values which are instilled in all the House members. The House has shown good progress and we hope it will continue to achieve greater heights in the years to come.

“With ordinary talent and extra ordinary perseverance all things are attainable”.



House Captains:Adil Kallatra Mohammed & Katlyn Linsey

House Lead Teacher: Mr.Herve Arokiaraj & Ms. Sneha David

Motto :  Motto labour omina vincet – work conquers all

The Spring House ardently believes in the Motto labour omina vincet – work conquers all, and thrives to make it a reality. Working with an ever-growing enthusiasm and unrelenting attitude, all members constantly motivate each other and it resulted in great success for the house.
This year brought great laurels to the house. The house stood out in numerous activities through dedicated efforts of its team members. Every member of the Spring House participated with great passion and spirit be it on or off the field. In the Inter-house matches, Spring house girls stood first in Badminton, Chess, Kho Kho and Swimming (Grades 5 to 8 category). Spring house boys also showcased their talents and bagged the First place in the Inter-House Cricket match (Grades 9 to 12 category), Football (Grades 5 to 8 category), Badminton and Cricket tournaments ( Grades 9 to 12 category).

All house members displayed through their spirited performance their belief in the tenant that success is not about never failing but in rising every time we fall. Failures are the stepping stones to success.

We firmly believe that excellence lies in teamwork. Our success is credited to the over all coordination and dedication of all members alike.


House Captains: Krishnesh Krishnakumar Nair & Neira Nellin D'souza

House Lead Teacher: Ms. Jennifer Lobo

Motto : Ad astra-reach for the star

 “Working Together Is Success.” Having firm faith in the saying that Summer House has worked towards achieving success in almost all of the competitions we had during the Academic session 2019-20.

The students took a tremendous leap forward by bagging the Overall Championship in Sports and Games.

Every competition, every event brought new challenges and responsibilities. Summer House faced every challenge with grit and courage because winning or losing was never a concern for us. Our sole aim was to do our best. Competitive zeal and indomitable will-power was found to be truly alive in the students of the House who took strength from their enduring spirit.

This spirited endeavor of the students brought the House laurels in the Girls March Past, Inter House Swimming Gala (Boys) and girls team Championship.

Ad astra-reach for the stars, and indeed this year we did reach the stars. 


House Captains: Immaneual Sampath & Rida Zahid

House Lead Teacher: Mr Vivek Cheroor & Ms. Nasreen Farooq

Motto : Carpe Diem - Seize the Day

Winter House showed its never-say-die spirit by winning the coveted ‘March Past Trophy’. Last year’s third position was taken as a challenge and by working together as a great team succeeded in bagging the second position this academic year.

Throughout the year, the whole House fought to the finish and it was very interesting to watch the students as they held up in the face of stiff competition like valiant soldiers under an enemy barrage. Everybody was enthusiastic about participating in every event and tried their best to win the competition.

Both Boys and Girls performed extremely well and outdid other houses by getting the first position in many events such as the Basketball, Badminton singles & Badminton doubles tournaments along with the Kho-Kho match. They also dominated the annual swimming gala by securing the first and second positions in the senior and the junior category respectively.

Winter House worked really hard this time and has learnt to put its best efforts in all the events whether big or small. We believe in ourselves, our fellow house mates and most importantly we believe in seizing the day and next the Overall winner’s trophy will be ours.