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The key word is ‘together’. Parents and guardians should be at the heart of any child's education. While teachers are there at the front of the classroom, it's the family you come home to who provide an essential foundation for academic success. That's why we believe that parental involvement in school is so important.

Hear what our parents have to say about GEMS Millennium School - Sharjah. 

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"It is with delight that I completed the admission processes of my son Jayanth Ramganesh and daughter Jyotsna Ramganesh in GEMS Millennium School today morning. 

It was really wonderful to step into the familiar campus and be warmly welcomed by the friendly staff at GMS.  Standing there, we could totally understand why Jayanth consistently insisted on getting back to GMS, his home ground.  Looking at how much the school has grown and matured ever since you took over the helm, we are sure that Jayanth would love his school more than earlier times.  We couldn’t wait for the new school year to begin, to resume our association with GMS.

Please accept our heartiest congratulations on the tremendous transformation that you have brought over the school."

Ramganesh Srinivasan

Father of Jayanth Ramganesh, Jyotsna Ramganesh

"We are immensely grateful to GMS for the training and guidance given to Athmaja all these years. 8 years of her academic life in our GMS had been a wonderful experience.

We thank you ma’am for the support given to Athmaja. We thank Vinitha ma’am, Nirmala ma’am and SLT. All the teachers of the school have worked so very hard to ensure the success of every student. Anu ma’am has been a wonderfully sweet spirit and the underlying strength of our school. 

We are deeply indebted to Mini ma’am for her astounding dedication and invaluable guidance. She is a teacher who never wastes a moment in class. It is really difficult to find a Mathematics teacher like her.

GMS gives every child the best possible attention and opportunities in life. Your leadership has added vitality and verve to the school. Thank you for having always been so easy to approach. You have been a great source of comfort and support."                                                                                                                     

Bijo G Puthenveedan

Father of Athmaja Kavio

"My son , Venkatesh Balaji , is studying in class 10  B1 . I want to thank all his teachers for encouraging and motivating him.

I came for the open house and was very encouraged by the teachers' remarks.

I want to give special thanks to Vijula madam, his French teacher. Vijula madam was his class teacher in class 9 and she has a great hand in his improvement as she identified his problem areas and communicated and coordinated with me his progress in class 9 and also in class 10. She took personal interest in his betterment. She has been my pillar of strength and literally his second mother. I value her suggestions and opinions a lot.  I do not have enough words to thank her.

Anu madam, class 9 and 10 supervisor , has also been very encouraging and helpful. She is open to suggestions and always ready to help.

Venkatesh is very lucky to get these teachers who participated with such enthusiasm in his overall development."

Dr Sudha Balaji

Mother of Venkatesh Balaji, Grade 10

"Greetings...It is with profound pleasure, I am writing this appreciation mail to you. Teachers are a blessing to students, a profession that receives much respect. A good teacher can identify the strength and weakness of their students and you are the best teacher I have ever seen. You have always boosted her strengths and supported in the areas where she needs improvement. As a parent, I  always received the timely comments and feedback about her performance which helped me to bring out the best in her.

We were apprehensive about the progression of Nileena from KG to Grade 1 due to the extra class time, diversity of subjects, new classmates etc.  However I must say, you made the same a cake walk.  She has copped up with all of them, more than our expectation in a swift manner only because of your support.

It will be difficult to scribble down all the experiences in a single mail, as the care and nurturing was felt each and every single day.  Nileena had been given numerous opportunities to present her skill over the last 11 months, which has helped to attain new heights of proficiency, wisdom and maturity.  You have ensured that she has crossed all those tiny hurdles without any hiccups.  Not a single academic day has passed without narration of the innovative teaching method by Nileena about your classes. You are at the same time a teacher, friend and mom to the students, extremely approachable to parents.

We have noticed that you have been able to imbibe civic sense in the mind f students by encouraging them to participate in campaigns conducted by various civil bodies.

We Indians, see teachers as a blessing to kids, whose memories and numerous learnings are cherished throughout life as teachers play a significant role in character formation.

As someone rightly said "As the years fly by, technology will change, society will change and the education system will change… but one thing that will remain constant is the value of a good teacher. Thanks for being one".

Jonesh Joseph

Father of Nileena, KG

"I hope that this e-mail will find you in good health and cheers. First of all, we would like to congratulate you for the great achievements and advancements the school has achieved under your successful leadership, especially this year's grade X and XII results.

We are grateful to you, as our daughter MEENAKSHI JAYAKUMAR was also benefited by the progress achieved by you and your team. Even though we had to leave the school temporarily, our experience with GEMS Millennium will always remain as the best.

We would like to specifically mention the names of the teachers Ms. Mini (Mathematics), Ms. Priya (Physics) and Ms. Deepa (Malayalam) along with all other teachers who had whole-heartedly groomed our children to such an excellent academic level. Their teaching methods and skills not only helped the students to score good marks, but also induced genuine interest in the subjects as well.

We once again thank you for all your supports."                                                           


Father of Meenakshi Jayakumar & Kalyani Jayakumar:

"I would like to pass my thanks to Mariyam Mam from both of us (me & my wife) which we owed her for a long time. Journey so far with her right from Day 1 of Induction has been fruitful. 

Meher refrain from eating food in school is our top most concern than understand how she spends her day or activities she did in school. When we raised such concerns with Mariyam Ma’am and exchanged emails followed by few face to face meetings.

She understood our concerns not only as a teacher however as a Parent too. Isn't it amazing! Hence solution she offered was valuable and practical.

In situation which arose in the past, I would clearly say she was very approachable and helped us to streamline / mitigate daily saga of Meher not eating her food. In fact last meeting my wife had with you and Mariyam Mam. You had a splendid suggestion of giving stars in Diary every day when finishes her food. This is not only motivational but constantly challenging her to eat.

Ideas really helped Meher to eat and we notice for few weeks now our child finish's her food in school.

To add, as a Teacher she is very good with regular feedback in regards to progress of our child and shaping directions.

I understand she has lot to manage in a class rather just our child but as always all parents expect for best out of their child. Hence we became very vocal with our concerns.

We would really appreciate for her extended support and would definitely feel she portrays true GEMS Millennium School Vision by creating a happy and inspiring learning environment that helps all students to realize their full potential, succeed in their chosen field and make valuable contributions to the community."


Father of Meher, KG

"I would like to appreciate and thank Ms. Sneha David for her hard work/dedication in taking care of my son Mohammed Ayaan Khan who is in her class. I have seen a very big difference in his performance and attitude towards his academic and also extra-curricular activities. Kindly pass on my Big thanks to her."

Jahangir Khan

Father of Mohammed Ayaan Khan, Grade 6

"It gives me immense pleasure to write this mail to write few words of appreciation for the work done by Ms. Sneha David - (SST Teacher of my son Mohammed Safwan of Grade 6 )

Usually we are worried during exams about how well our children has learned or prepared for the exams! But we were pleasantly surprised with the preparedness shown by my son for his SST subject which is pleasantly different than what we have seen in his other subjects.

That means the responsible teacher has done a good job of teaching! Which needs to be recognized and appreciated!

We sincerely appreciate the effort taken by Ms. Sneha David and pray that she sets an example to her colleagues as well and we also hope that you as managers encourage and honor them, so that they set an example for others."

Sabahath Naz

Mother of Mohammed Safwan, Grade 6

"We the parents of Abhijith Ajith of Grade 12-B1 are extremely thankful for arranging such an amazing Graduation Ceremony and Dinner Party for the children. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to all the teachers who taught him from Grade 6 to Grade 12.

Ms Raina,Ms Ashwini and Ms Sindhu from English department.

Ms Neeraj  ,who is a dedicated and truly helpful teacher from Hindi department.

Ms Sherly,a teacher who was always ready to lend an ear whenever I wanted to discuss my parental worries.

Ms Lakshmi,a teacher with a pleasant smile and immense dedication to her work..

Mini  Ma'am,a teacher who strives to ensure perfection in her subject and who rid me of any worry I had for my son's Grade 10 Board Exams.

Ms Priya,a quiet person who  was always ready to help and is dedicated to her work.

Ms Binsu and Annamma Ma'am, who helped  make Chemistry an engrossing subject for my son..

Ms Sonia,we are extremely grateful for your amazing teaching.

Ms Remya, thank you for your support and eagerness to help whenever I have asked.

A special thanks to all the Arabic teachers who have taught him over the years.

Bijesh Sir, you have given vital support and have been a source of constant motivation, which has helped my son keep going in these two years.

Ma'am, we are thankful for giving us such a wonderful Class teacher Mr Johnson, who completely relieved us of our worries about the subject maths. His depth of knowledge and dedication has given my son the opportunity to effectively work towards his goal.

The humble Supervisor Ms Anu Thomas, we want to say a "Big Thanks" to her .She has always listened to our queries and helped us in a multitude of ways.


Ajith Kumar

Father of Abhijith Ajith, Grade 12

"Greetings.  It is with immense pleasure I am writing this mail to you.  While choosing the second language for Nileena, I was in a dilemma as to whether Hindi or French.  After lots of research, deliberations and enquires I opted French for her.  Yet my apprehensions were not over.  I used to ask Nileena on daily basis about the French class portions and what she learned that day. With utmost confidence, she used to explain to me everything and when I read according to the spelling she used to correct me with the right pronunciation. I was happy and understood that the French teacher is really doing a great job. When her first term marks came, I became so confident in Sonia ma’am and Nileena and she scored full marks in all the exams so far.

Marie Sonia Ma’am’s way of teaching is so simple and she makes sure kids learn it from the class itself.  Unlike other subjects, the chance of myself teaching her French was next to impossible.  I was only able to follow what Nileena learned.  You have always found to be kind enough to clear any doubt asked promptly through the mail. Nileena had a great opportunity to recite French poem for the second language week and a welcome speech for interclass theatre competition and the same was possible only through your guidance and superb effort.  My eyes were filled with tears of joy when I watched her recite such a difficult poem on the stage without any prompting.  Ma’am, you are just outstanding and may God bless you abundantly in your life.

Learning a new language will be a challenge for anyone. It will be a nightmare if it is at a tender age.  But we must say that Sonia mam has managed to do exceptionally well in making Nileena love French.

Your support in this primary phase will be cherished and thanked as long as she learns French and will be revered, remembered with thanks.

I wish and pray wholeheartedly that you should be her French teacher in all her future classes in GMS.

Lastly, I must thank you for help me learning French as well.  In that sense, you are my teacher as well.


Varsha Varghese

Mother of Nileena

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