Secondary School

Grades 9 and 10

Students at this level enhance their skills and develop an aptitude towards certain learning areas which helps them to choose their area of further learning. By this stage, most students will be responsible for their own learning and will take an active interest in developing and setting academic goals for themselves.

List of Subjects

  • English - Language and Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Science
  • Moral Social and Cultural Studies
  • Arabic for Grade 9
  • Islamic Education / Moral Instruction
  • Second language – Hindi / Malayalam/French/CBSE Arabic
  • Skill Based Subjects: Artificial Intelligence , Media , Information Technology
  • Work Experience
  • Physical Education
  • Visual and Performing Arts

The System of Evaluation

The pattern of assessment and system of grading is consistent with the CBSE guidelines. Assessments will be conducted as per the CBSE assessment pattern.

Educational Supervisor Grades 9 & 10

Opinder Kaur
Opinder is an educator with over 14 years of experience and has joined GMS as a Supervisor for Grades 7 & 8 in October, 2019. She holds a Master’s Degree in English and Bachelor of Education from Punjab University.

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