Science & Technology

Perfect for whizz kids & budding scientists

Today, science and technology are advancing quicker than ever before and, with this in mind, it is more crucial than ever that our students have access to up-to-date equipment and learning tools.

Our child-centred campus includes a host of science and technology resources and facilities to ensure that our students can fully embrace 21st century learning.

Science Laboratories

The School has spacious and well-equipped science laboratories that provides facilities necessary for demonstration, experimentation and project work at various levels in General Science, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The Primary students also have regular lab sessions in accordance with their curriculum.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT Labs)

Our school provides an excellent set of ICT resources that are used to encourage the exploration and use of technology.  The School has three fully equipped ICT laboratories and mobile computer trolleys with internet access. These excellent resources are all aimed at enhancing the quality of teaching and learning within the school. Each teacher is provided with a laptop and all classrooms and Labs are equipped with Interactive White Boards (IWB), LCD projectors and WI-fi connectivity.

Our ICT Labs have been designed to promote the early acquisition of fundamental computing skills through the careful use of ICT in their work and to prepare them for the fast-paced information age and possible further advances in technology that await them when they step onto the world stage, making them adept at problem solving and information research.

Innovation Lab

The STEM and Robotics laboratory offers students the opportunity to hypothesize, reflect and research by keeping pace with the technological advancement in the field of Science and Technology. STEM and Robotics is available for students as one of the options in the afternoon’s Self Enhancement Programme.

Makerspace Lab

The Makerspace Lab is a very special learning environment that promotes learning through play, exploration and creativity. Various resources like KEVA Maple, 3 –Doodlers, Lego, Little Bits provide hand-on and minds-on lessons for students whether it is Math, Science or even Robotics.