Other Facilities

World Class Infrastructure and Cutting Edge Learning

Set on a large and attractive campus, GEMS Millennium School, Sharjah offers students a stimulating environment with a variety of features and facilities. The School provides all basic requirements from books, uniforms and transport to prompt medical attention, in an environment that is safe, happy and comfortable for all students.

The Prayer Rooms

The school has two prayer halls for boys and girls. These prayer halls are kept open during school hours on all days.


The School has two spacious and well-stocked libraries that provide Senior and Junior students with opportunities to discover the enchanting world of knowledge. Our rich collection of books is updated regularly and students are encouraged to make full use of this facility to inculcate a love for books from an early age. Both the libraries also provide computers and internet facilities.

Rumpus Room and Free Flow Area

The School offers our Kindergarteners rich multi-sensory stimulation through our equipment and extension learning in the Rumpus Room. Story –telling, Reading, Puppetry, Make-Believe and Free Play are some of the mediums through which Play-Way learning is embedded in the Free Flow Area.

Learning Resource Centres

The School has 3 well-resourced Learning Centres which enable students to bring out their creativity and talent in Art and Craft, and the Performing Arts. Students are also given a great amount of support and time to discuss their ideas for display as well as performance.

Indoor / Outdoor Play Areas

Three separate shaded play areas, equipped with a variety of age appropriate indoor / outdoor equipment have been specially designed for use by all students.