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About GEMS Millennium School-Sharjah

GEMS Millennium School Sharjah is the school for the next millennium.
It is a school you will love to visit every day. A dream school, it is your child’s second home, a safe haven where your child will be welcomed and helped gain in stature and confidence from a very young age.

Walk into the warm and welcoming reception area and you will understand why our school is outstanding. GMS Sharjah is more than the best and most modern infrastructure, sparkling swimming pool, attractive play areas, acres of astro-turf playing fields. It is much more than interactive Promethean Boards and ergonomically built multipurpose halls. It is a school with a heart and a mind that has raced ahead of all other schools in the immediate vicinity and nearby areas. 

The latest member of the GEMS group GEMS Millennium Sharjah is a CBSE day boarding school with state-of-the-art facilities of international standards. Situated in the heart of the Sharjah Educational Zone the school, equipped with the best of amenities, gives students the rare opportunity to grow in an environment that brings out their hidden talents and true potential.

Since its inception in 2010 the young school has combined a high standard of academic excellence complemented by a kaleidoscope of co-curricular activities. The focus is on nurturing well-rounded personalities with the skills to excel in the world they will inherit in time.

The strength of GMS Sharjah lies in it modernity. Poised at the cutting edge of education it offers children the incredible advantage of the very latest in educational research and reforms and matchless infrastructure in perfect sync with the tried and tested GEMS mission and vision. From Kindergarten onwards GMS Sharjah creates opportunities in a wide variety of interesting and innovative ways for students to retain their natural curiosity and joie de vivre while developing the ability for creative and critical thinking during their exciting journey towards realising their full potential.

Our education programme is steered by the GEMS core values, so that our students develop leadership qualities with a global outlook combined with humanitarian principles that are essential in making them responsible citizens of the world. We expect our students to be curious about the environment and learn to live in harmony with it. They will combine a scientific temperament with a passion for the arts. They will have the ability to make valuable contributions towards the collective heritage of a multicultural world and have sensitive understanding of and empathy for other races and cultures.

Enjoying the privilege of being founded on principles and values that form the basis of all GEMS schools GMS Sharjah recognizes parents as important partners in the education of their children.  Parental feedback is eagerly sought as well as their active participation in the comprehensive and continuous education of their wards. Education in the ethics begins at home. At GMS Sharjah we expect parents to take a dynamic and constructive interest in their child’s upbringing and physical, mental, emotional and moral well-being.

Our teachers are young, highly qualified, dedicated and ready to go beyond the call of duty to help their students. They are friendly and helpful. Innovation and new age technology lie at their finger tips as they conduct magical lessons which mesmerize children and visitors alike. All teachers are equipped with laptops and all classrooms have OHPs and Promethean (Interactive) Boards. Every activity ranging from class assemblies to interschool competitions is taken up with infectious and missionary zeal. The potential of every child is tapped and his/her unique quality unearthed skillfully for the world to admire. Teachers at GMS Sharjah plan creative learning experiences for the children enabling them to be unafraid to explore their environment and to be life-long learners.

The child-centered and child-friendly ambience of GMS Sharjah promotes holistic growth of the child through the day-boarding programme. From Kindergarten onwards children are offered well-planned and thoughtful afterschool activities ranging from supervised homework, music, art, games and swimming making GMS Sharjah the only CBSE day-boarding school in Sharjah. SEP (Self-Enhancement Programme) is a boon to working mothers and busy parents.

Our Vision
GEMS Millennium School Sharjah will nurture the potential of its pupils and groom them to be exemplary world citizens.

Our Mission

  • Motivate our students to expand their potential to the fullest, by providing an intellectually challenging and stimulating programme
  • Teach them to appreciate and respect the culture and traditions of the United Arab Emirates
  • Help them develop a global outlook and assume positions of responsibility
  • Instill perennial values, such as integrity as well as acceptance of and respect for the rights of others, irrespective of nationality, gender, culture or religion.
  • Create opportunities to enhance the self-esteem of every student
  • Encourage all our students to be worthy global citizens with leadership qualities


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